Your Money Should Be Making More Money

Want to learn how to double… triple … quadruple… even 10x your money?

Here goes…

Most people think that the only way to make money is to work. No Work, No Money.

Here’s a truth only a few realize: We can’t work forever. Money, on the other hand, works nonstop 24/7.

Send your money to work for you, and you’ll never need to commute to the office or work 9am-5pm. This is what I call ‘financial freedom’ – wherein you don’t need to work, because money works for you. Your money will earn money. That money will earn even more money. So on and so forth. You can choose to work, but you don’t need to.

And guess what? You can enjoy this type of freedom, too. How? Invest Your Money!!!

Do only rich people invest their money? Of course NOT!

Investing is not just for the rich. It’s for everyone.

Imagine that you start saving Php 1000 a month. After about 5 months, you’ve saved Php 5000. You put this into an mutual fund that tracks the overall Philippine stock market (aka index fund). You leave it there for the next 18 years, and you don’t bother saving an additional peso during that time. If the market creates 9 percent annualized returns, that money will more than quadruple to Php 20000.

Yes — your money could quadruple in less than two decades with reasonable market returns. No specialized knowledge required. No real effort on your part. Just plain, simple mutual funds are all you need.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds is an investment instrument wherein money from different investors are combined together into a pooled fund that is invested in different instruments like stocks, bonds, or both, that can potentially make the money grow long-term.

The upside? You can invest in mutual funds in small amounts. You can start for as low as Php5,000 and increase it in increments of Php 1,000. You don’t have to do any research or constant monitoring of your portfolio, a fund manager handles everything for you.

The downside? Though they have a high potential of return, mutual funds do not give any guarantee of the returns. There are also fees for fund management services and various administrative and sales costs can reduce the return on your investment. These are charged, in almost all cases, whether the fund performs well or not.

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“Other than mutual funds, how else can money make money?”

You can invest in the stock market or invest or real estate.

What is the Stock Market?

The stock market is an exchange or marketplace where people can buy and sell shares of stock in companies. When you buy a share in a company, you own a piece of the company. You want the company to make huge profits, in the hope that the shares of your stock, will increase in value, and in turn, make you more money. (Higher Risk, Higher Return)

The upside? Investing in the stock market is one of the easiest ways to become a minority owner within a company. Also, historical returns related to stock market investing outperform many other types of investments. You can earn money in the stock market from dividends regularly paid out and from capital appreciation.

The downside? Stocks are not guaranteed to return. Thus, the possibility for high returns is greater with stocks but so is the possibility of losing money. Expenses are also incurred when buying or selling stocks. Fees include brokers’ commissions, value added taxes, transaction fees and sales tax (for selling transactions).

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What is Real Estate Investing?

Real estate investing is an investment strategy where an investor purchases property in order to earn a profit. In most cases, the investor will either rent out the property, or improve on it in order to resell it at a higher cost than it was purchase for.

The upside? If the property is easily convertible to rental units, the owner of the property can earn a steady income stream in the form of rent.

The downside? The biggest disadvantages of real estate investment is high capital requirement. The cost of maintaining the property can also cause the investor to lose money on the investment.

Remember: Money works nonstop 24/7. As long as you leave the money in your investments, it will continue to work for you. How’s that for letting your money earn money?

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