Do You Want to Get FIREd?

Before you start getting worried wondering if you did something wrong at work, don’t be. In this case, being FIREd is a good thing! I’m talking about a term being thrown around in personal finance: FIRE. What is FIRE? FIRE stands for “Financially Independent, Retiring Early.” I know it literally sounds like early retirement, but […]

Income – Savings = Expenses

EARNING MONEY doesn’t not come easily, but the simplest and easiest thing to do is to SPEND. Many tend to follow the age-old equation “INCOME – EXPENSES = SAVINGS.” Wherein the amount left with you after paying for your monthly cost of living goes into savings. People always save out of surplus income. Anyways, here’s […]

HOW to Save Money on Remittances

Filipinos who reside in foreign countries often find themselves needing to send money to their family in the Philippines. I’m sure you’re familiar with wire transfers, walk-in money transfer centers, online payment and other traditional ways to send money remittance – but are you getting the best deal possible? On this post, I’ll be sharing […]

4 Expenses You Should Plan and Save For

You may think you’re budgeting for all of your needs (and wants), like retirement, vacations, education and more, but still Filipinos are getting blindsided by unforeseen or ‘surprise’ expenses, ones that could have been easily prepared for. I call these ‘surprise expenses’, because they seem to come out of nowhere. If they’re not something recurring […]

The One Percent Challenge

Feel like you can’t save anything? Start with one percent of your income, which is Php 10 for every Php 1,000 that you earn. Just curious, have you taken the widely talked about Filipino version of the 52-week savings challenge and were able to finish it? The challenge requires saving Php 50 in the first […]

The Easiest Budget Plan Ever

I always look for ways to make my budget as simple as possible. To the point that I DON’T HAVE An elaborate BUDGET PLAN. Ok, honestly, how many of you actually make a budget? One of the most popular financial advice is probably “Make a Budget.” If you are able to follow this advice, good […]

WHAT is an Emergency Fund?

Whether you’re trying to get out of debt or just starting improve your financial situation, you need to set aside emergency savings. While it is more exciting to invest than to save up for an emergency fund, it is necessary to have an emergency fund for your financial success. This post is going to tell […]

35 Week No Brainer Php 5,000 Savings Plan

Everytime I ask people why aren’t they investing, I always get this answer, “Gusto kong magsimula, kaya lang wala akong pera.” (I want to start investing, but I don’t have any money.) The truth is, anyone can significantly improve their financial situation. All they need is a combination of smart planning, creativity and motivation. Here’s […]