8 Blogs That Teach You How to Make Money

Whether it’s being able to provide for our needs or saving for our dreams – we all have a reason why we want to make more money.

So, whatever your reason, I highly recommend the following 8 blogs if you want to learn how to make money on the side, earn online or become an entrepreneur. There are several good websites out there, and here’s a list of my favorite when it comes to making money, in no particular order.

#1 Business News Philippines

Business News Philippines is a blog written with the main purpose of helping readers earn more money. The entire blog focuses on business success stories, business ideas and entrepreneurship. You can learn about starting a business on this site – from business on the side, home-based businesses, and earning online.

#2 Go Negosyo

Go Negosyo is the advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE). They believe that Filipinos can address poverty in the country by engaging in entrepreneurship and developing an optimistic, passionate, creative and innovative, resourceful, diligent and persevering character. On their site, they provide links to partner entrepreneurs’ businesses, to business opportunities, to entrepreneurship-related training programs, and to funding sources.

#3 Money Maker Philippines

Marcelo De Ocampo is the writer behind Money Maker Philippines, a blog that aims to provide up to date information about different money making opportunities in the Philippines. He also offers advice on managing your personal finance – investing, saving money and reaching financial freedom.

#4 Tycoon Philippines

Tycoon Philippines is a collection of articles that help both entrepreneurs and people who want to start their business. It provides actionable tips, strategies, ideas, and insights on marketing, business, entrepreneurship, success and money.

#5 Franchise Manila

Franchise Manila is a guide to the franchise business in the Philippines and other small business ideas you can also get into.

#6 Pinoy Bisnes Ideas

Pinoy Bisnes Ideas focuses on helping young Filipino entrepreneurs start a small business. The blog talks about how working from home, how you can get started, food cart franchises, and livestock and agricultural businesses.

#7 Business Daddy PH

Marco Victoria, the founder of Business Daddy PH, is budding entreprenuer and owns 18 businesses from a high-end car parts store to a resto-bar. On his blog, he features successful business stories to inspire aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs. He also shares anything about business, marketing and sales.

#8 Business Tips Philippines

Business Tips Philippines is your daily source of wise business tips. They provide useful articles on business, finance, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, marketing, and personal and professional development to Filipinos.

A Final Note!

There are so many ways to make money. If you have a job where you’re not making enough money to pay off your debt or live the life you’ve imagined, then do something about it. The list above is a great guide that can help you make money and keep you motivated along the way.

What’s your favorite way to make money?

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3 thoughts on “8 Blogs That Teach You How to Make Money

  1. Hi Christine! Nice set of blogs there! but don’t forget powerpinoys.com.. hehe..
    My site’s got a lot of tips for people searching for online jobs, businesses, and other ways to make money online. 😀

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