Do you Pay to Be Beautiful?

To a certain extent, I think we all do. We buy facial wash to keep pimples away, hair conditioners to control frizzy and dry hair, moisturizers to keep our skin soft and youthful, lip gloss to add color to our lips, face powder to make our skin look smooth. Why do we spend so much money to look pretty?

How Much Do Women Really Spend On Beauty Products?

Here’s my truth: On any given day, it costs me about Php2800 (minimum) to maintain a very average look. That’s almost Php 100 a day. I am by no means a glamazon. I wear glasses, so eye makeup is a waste on me. I do occassionally use BB cream and lip gloss to brighten my face and that’s the most I usually do. So-OMG-it’s outrageously expensive to be a woman!

How did I get that number?

I listed down products I use on a daily basis- shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial wash, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, face mist, lip gloss. Very basic beauty stuff.

Just to give you an idea of what I use: L’oreal Shampoo, Cetaphil Facial Wash, Green Magic Organic Soap, Body Lotion by Jergens. I do occassionally use my Shu Uemura Face Mist and The Face Shop BB Cream like maybe twice a week.

Then, I added how much these things costs.

Granted, all of these products last more than a day or some last for a month. But, let’s remember that I’m not counting makeup (foundation, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick), beauty tools (brushes, combs, clips, hairpins), services (facials, haircuts, waxes, manicures, pedicures), or things like sanitary napkins.

So I ask myself, why do I spend so much money to look pretty? Two reasons. First, it makes me feel good. I personally love pampering myself especially when I have time in my hands. I know that I don’t need to buy makeup to be pretty, but buying a lip gloss makes me feel good because I know it’s going to give my natural beauty a little boost. Second, it boosts my self-esteem. I may sound a bit self-obsessed, but it boosts my self-esteem when cute boys turn their head to look at my pretty little self.

Anyway, the point is that it’s expensive to be a woman, and creating a beauty budget is a real and important thing.

Personally, i think spending on beauty is a MUST for me – especially when it comes to skin care, I will always set aside money for that. And, everything else in moderation of course. I wouldn’t mind buying a good face mist once in a while or spend Php530 for a body scrub and massage package twice a year at Spa Rivera, and that’s about it. Being obsessed with looks or having multiple beauty products (aka 10 lipsticks, 5 perfumes, 50 shades of eye shadow, etc) can’t be good for your health or your wallet (unless you budget for it).

So, how much do you spend on beauty?

Feel free to share your comments below.

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