6 Ways to Earn Extra Cash at the Office

Looking for ways to get some extra cash while working at the office? Besides cutting down on your expenses, you can increase your savings by doing sideline jobs or businesses. Business opportunities are everywhere–even for sideline businesses. You just have to know how to make use of resources and talents you already have.

Are you having trouble thinking of possible sideline?

Here are 6 suggestions to get you started.

#1 Direct Selling Business

This is one of the classic small business ideas you can start with. Direct selling companies like Avon, Dakki, MSE, Human Nature are some of your many options if you want to start this business. You can sell a wide array of products such as clothes, accessories, beauty products, herbal medicines, supplements, leather goods, kitchen utensils, personal insurance and other stuff from these sales networks.

Capital: Registration Fee (depending on the Direct Selling company), transportation fees and delivery fees

Earning Potential: You can earn as much as 5% to 15% of the products’ suggested retail price.

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#2 E-Loading Business

Almost everyone in the Philippines have cellphones and many people would rather buy load from someone they know. Aside from earning a sideline income, you can get free load for your own use. To start, I would suggest getting a All-in-One SIM Card from a third party seller (this enables retailer to sell prepaid load for all networks using just a single, special SIM card). Make sure that you offer all network loads such as Smart, Globe, Sun, Talk ‘n Text, and TM.

Capital: All you would need is a mobile phone, a retailer SIM card, and around P500–P1000 as starting balance.

Earning Potential: As an e-load retailer, you get your earnings through commission. The percent commission per Telecom Company ranges from 3% to 13%.

#3 Special Food Orders

Are you into cooking or baking? You might want to turn your hobby into a side gig by selling meals or baked goods. Start out small by offering your products to co-workers and friends. Do not limit yourself to baked goodies. You can also sell other food items which you can cook best. It helps if you bring samples and then market your product for office parties.

Capital: You can allot around P500 to 3,000 for a batch, depending on the quantity of your servings and consumer demand.

Earning Potential: You can earn as much as double your initial capital.

#4 Mini Sari-Sari Store

Sari-sari store is the most typical business that you can do that requires a small capital to start and is easy to maintain. You sell different items or snacks and gain profit from it. Having a sari-sari store is a very effective way of gaining profit with small capital. While at work you can fill your drawer or your locker with different things such as snacks, candies, and so on, as long as they fit your budget. Food items are a good way to start – your co-workers can buy them and munch while working.

Capital: Very minimal. You can allot around Php 200 to start.

Earning Potential: On average, a sari-sari store can average a net profit margin of 20%.

#5 Selling Consignment Goods or Buy-and-Sell Business

Find anything fancy from Divisoria or places where the direct suppliers are? Do you have any friends who have merchandise for sale? Choose clothes, accessories and items which you know your office mates will love, and sell it to them! You can sell a lot of different kinds of merchandise – from imported clothes, to pastries, to bags, to gadgets, to colognes, to clothes and a lot more. You can actually sell almost anything and make a modest profit out of it.

Capital: Zero – if consignment or depending on your budget

Earning Potential: unlimited depending on the amount of merchandise (10% mark-up)

#6 Lending Money

This is one of the most popular sidelines because of its profitability. With so many people needing cash, demand is not a problem. The main problem you will have is how to make sure you can collect your loans. In this matter, the best plan is to screen borrowers carefully. Also, it is best to get it writing when you lend money.

Capital: You can start anywhere from Php 1,000 or Php 2,000. Just keep in mind to only lend what you can afford.

Earning Potential: Depends on your lending interest rate, the amount your lending and your tolerance to risk.

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Just a Few Simple Rules to Follow

Many people operate a side business while working. As an employee, be careful not to do anything that could affect your full-time job. Make sure your workplace or bosses allow you to have a sideline at work on it only during your free time.

Do you already have a sideline? Kudos to all earning extra money on top of their regular salary. If you have other ideas, please list them in the comments.

photo credit: Converse n stuff via photopin (license)

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