4 Tips to Get Hired as a Recent Graduate

You are fresh college graduate, whats the next thing? Finding a Job! As a fresh graduate, you are faced with many challenges in getting a good job – like lack of experience. The key to your successful job search is your ability to stand out and differentiate yourself from the pack.

According to a report from Jobstreet.com, companies in the Philippines still place high importance on which university the graduates come from top universities in the country. However, companies say they will still hire applicants even if they did not come from choice universities as long as “the candidate is trainable/willing to be trained,” and “the candidate fulfills requirements needed for the job.”

Anyways, here are 4 tips to help you stand out in the job search and make yourself memorable to potential employers.

Get Involved in Volunteer Work

Do your part as a volunteer and go get some experience. There are lots of volunteer work you can do while searching for a job. Check out NGOs, community service organizations in your locality, offer to do some volunteer work with them. Even some of the big companies work with organizations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. For example, Lopez Group of Companies coordinates with the Lopez Group Foundation, Inc. (LGFI), while the Ayala Corporation works hand in hand with the Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI). People already working in your target field are great sources of information about job openings, affinity organizations, and people you should meet. And if you have a good experience volunteering, your supervisor might serve as a reference when you’re applying to jobs. Volunteering will not only help you gain valuable connections, but also the attention of employers

Go the Freelancing Route

Freelancing gives you another edge when you’re looking for full-time work. When you freelance, you’ll pick up very valuable skills that you won’t find anywhere else, like responsibility, teamwork and productivity. It’s also a great way of showcasing samples of your work. For instance, if you’re applying to an advertising company, make sure the work you’ve done for other advertising clients is easily accessible—more so than, say, your fashion, sports, and media work.

Take Relevant Short-term Courses

Increase your eligibility by enrolling in short-term specialized courses that are relevant to the job or industry that you want to be a part of. It will enrich the college degree that you completed especially if the course is not in your curriculum. If you are a HRM graduate, taking a course in Events Management might give you an edge in applying for work in a hotel. Or if you are nursing graduate, taking a course in Emergency Medical Services might improve your credentials in applying for job in a hospital here or abroad.

Ask for Letters of Recommendations

When applying for a job, strong references and letters of recommendation are important tools that can help set you apart from other candidates. Whether you take short-term courses or join volunteer organizations, make sure to request your mentor or supervisor to write a letter of recommendation to endorse you and your relevant skills. Recommendations provide additional evidence of your skills and character based on observed behaviors that will, hopefully, help the hiring manager gain a better picture of who you are and your potential to succeed in the job.

Happy Jobseeking!

photo credit: Akina via photopin (license)

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