Mutual Fund vs UITFs vs VULs

Have you recently decided to start investing but don’t have the time or knowledge to monitor your investments? Are you opting to choose investment funds that provide professional management of your investment? Should you invest in a variable universal life insurance, a mutual fund or a UITF? On today’s post, I will be giving you […]

Mutual Funds vs UITFs

Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) work pretty much the same way. Investors pool their money, a fund manager handles the money, makes the investment, and the returns are given back to the investor after fees are deducted as payment to the fund manager. So how are they different? Here’s a quick comparison […]

How to Invest in UITFs

This part of Your Ultimate Guide to Investing for Beginners. To read all posts in order, start with What is Investing? then continue reading the rest of the series on this page. Investing on your own is admittedly not easy to do. Thankfully, there are options for investors that allow you to invest even with just P1,000. […]